Comfort Zone Challenges

Comfort zone challenges published by DareCircle.

My Story of Comfort Zone Crushing

Being a naturally introverted person, I have always felt like I was missing out on some important aspects of life. That made me embark on a journey of pushing my comfort zone, with the goal of becoming more confident and assertive. This is my experience of trying Improv Theatre, A Toastmasters Speaking Club and Comfort Zone Challenges. [...]

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The Comfort Zone Crusher App

We loved the challenges from Comfort Zone Crusher so much, we created an unofficial app for it. We did it simply because we would want to use the product ourselves. It's called IDareTo. If you are not familiar with comfort zone crusher challenges, it is a practical method of improving social confidence. What [...]

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Comfort Zone Challenge Meetups Worldwide

To get started on comfort zone challenges all alone can be tough. It can feel like jumping off a cliff. These groups meet up in real life and do challenges together. This gives you courage, inspiration, and someone to hold you accountable. If you do not know yet what a comfort zone challenge is, read this. This [...]

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10 Comfort Challenges To Boost Social Confidence

10 comfort zone challenges you can do today to boost social confidence. They are a bit scary, and they should be...Please enjoy and have fun! For those new to the concept: A comfort zone challenge is to continuously create a situation that triggers social fears. Here comes the magic. By exposing yourself to these situations, again and [...]

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