10 Comfort Challenges To Boost Social Confidence

10 comfort zone challenges you can do today to boost social confidence. They are a bit scary, and they should be…Please enjoy and have fun!

For those new to the concept:comfort zone challenge is to continuously create a situation that triggers social fears. Here comes the magic. By exposing yourself to these situations, again and again, your fear decreases. After several exposures, the fear will vanish completely. It’s like going to the gym but for your brain.

Challenge #1: Hello stranger!

Location: Anywhere with lots of people.
Challenge: Take a walk and say “Hello” to five people you pass.

Challenge #2: Please take my photo…

Location: Anywhere with lots of people.
Challenge: Ask a stranger to take a photo of you with your phone.

Challenge #3: Cheers!

Location: In a bar or a nightclub.
Challenge: Raise your glass in a toast with a stranger.

Challenge #4: Lay down

Location: In a populated street or square.
Challenge: Lay down on the ground for 30 seconds.

Challenge #5: Coffe or tea?

Location: In a cafe.
Challenge: When ordering, change your mind between tea and coffee three times.

Challenge #6: The curious guy

Location: In any manned store.
Challenge: Ask ten questions about a product in the store.

Challenge #7: Starstruck

Location: Anywhere.
Challenge: Walk up to a person and pretend to believe they are a famous actor. “Are you the guy in the movie X?”

Challenge #8: This product is amazing!

Location: In any store.
Challenge: Pick up a product in the store and recommend it to a customer.

Challenge #9: Can I get a discount?

Location: Any store.
Challenge: Ask for a 10% discount at the checkout desk.

Challenge #10: Looking for my date!

Location: In any populated area.
Challenge: Walk up to a person and ask if he/she is your date from Tinder.

The comfort zone challenge app

For more comfort zone challenges, check out the comfort zone challenge app.

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