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Personal Development Apps

Here is a selection of apps that what we consider to be the most powerful for personal development like improving social confidence, setting goals and focusing. IDareTo For increasing social confidence thru comfort zone challenges. A comfort zone challenge is to seek up a situation that triggers social fear. By doing it over and over again [...]

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Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is an anxiety disorder where the person experiences fear and discomfort during social interactions. This cause self-consciousness and feelings of being judged, which leads to avoidance of these situations. Two types of social anxiety exist. Generalized social anxiety and specific social anxiety. Generalized social anxiety means experiencing anxiety in the presence of other people, while people having [...]

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10 Comfort Zone Challenges to Crush Social Anxiety

By exposing yourself to new social situations, you build courage. Like going to the gym for your brain. It’s called a comfort zone challenge. Here are 10 effective challenges to get you started... They can be a bit scary and that's the point;) Have fun! Challenge #1: Hello stranger! Location: Anywhere with lots of people. Challenge: Take [...]

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Social Phobia

Social phobia is the older name for social anxiety but is used interchangeably. Social phobia previously meant fear of performing in public but was replaced by social anxiety that describes a more general fear of social interactions. Sources https://www.verywell.com/social-phobia-or-anxiety-disorder-3024447  

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