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My Story of Comfort Zone Crushing

Being a naturally introverted person, I always felt like I was missing out on important aspects of life. That made me embark on a journey of pushing my comfort zone, with the goal of becoming more confident and assertive. This is my experience of trying Improv Theatre, A Toastmasters Speaking Club and Comfort Zone Challenges. Improv [...]

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Comfort Zone Challenge Apps 2018

Comfort zone challenges are something that takes you out of your normal day to day routine. Like talking to strangers or doing something a bit crazy. Increasing your confidence. Here is our compilation of comfort challenge apps available 2017 for iOS and Android. Youper Youper is [...]

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Master Your Nervousness During Public Speaking

Fear of public speaking is THE the most common phobia. It makes you overly anxious about your appearance and performance when speaking in front of an audience. You may even avoid these situations altogether. Here are 27 practical tips to handle your nervousness. This list is not meant to be a step by step routine. [...]

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How To Overcome Shyness

Imagine if how it would feel to let your personality flow free, have the courage to talk to that attractive person in the bar or to express your opinions with confidence and assertiveness at work. This is a practical self-help guide on how to overcome shyness. If you are a shy person you probably recognize [...]

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How To Be More Confident

Confidence is not something magic, a gift that some people have and some people don't. With the right mindset and actions, you can cultivate a truly powerful and confident personality. This guide tells you how in a very practical way. Why You Are Not Confident If you are feeling introverted, if you are feeling that [...]

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