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Community, Inspiration, and Insights for Crushing Social Fears

The life of many people is restricted by social fears. Fear of being in the center of attention, fear of being judged or fear of being rejected. It does not need to be that way! We believe that it is possible to crush social fears thru action.

Have you ever got that nervous feeling when your heartbeat rises, you get a knot in your stomach and your throat gets tight?

Have you ever wanted to do something, like walking up to an attractive person, raising your hand in class or contradicted an authority but nervousness stopped you?

Have you ever wanted to do something that made you nervous, you still did it, and after a few times it felt so easy?

That is the simple principle of comfort zone challenges!

Comfort Zone Challenges

A comfort zone challenge is to continuously put yourself in a situation that triggers social fears. It can be anything from saying “Hi” to a stranger on the bus, to laying down on the street for 30 seconds. Here comes the magic. By exposing yourself to these situations, again and again, your fear decreases. After several exposures, the fear will vanish completely.

The Science

Comfort zone challenges is a modern form of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). The science behind CBT has been known since the 50’s by psychotherapists. It is used widely to treat social anxiety with great success.

The Benefits

Get comfortable with the uncomfortable
A lot of our success in life depends on the ability to handle uncomfortable social situations.

A person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have.

Tim Ferris

Comfort and growth cannot coexist.

Ginni Rometty CEO at IBM

Learn to handle fear
We often want to do something but fear stops us. A better relation to fear can make you less hesitant.

Care less what other people think of you
A wonderful realization from doing comfort zone challenges is: Most people don’t care. This insight vastly improves confidence.

Leave your day to day auto pilot
A comfort zone challenge is an excellent way to make something memorable out of an ordinary day.

Improved social skills
Putting yourself in constantly new social situations trains your social skills.

When you are in the process of improving your self-confidence you naturally feel happy. You are growing as a person. It’s a great feeling.

Get Started

The Challenge App

The popular mobile app “IDareTo” gives you ideas for comfort zone challenges.


The Community

There is a big community of people practicing comfort zone challenges. Get in touch with people like you to get inspired, get support and exchange experiences.


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