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The Comfort Zone Crusher App

We loved the challenges from Comfort Zone Crusher so much, we created an unofficial app for it. We did it simply because we would want to use the product ourselves. It's called IDareTo. If you are not familiar with comfort zone crusher challenges, it is a practical method of improving social confidence. What [...]

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How To Overcome Shyness

Imagine if how it would feel to let your personality flow free, have the courage to talk to that attractive person in the bar or to express your opinions with confidence and assertiveness at work. This is a practical self-help guide on how to overcome shyness. If you are a shy person you probably recognize [...]

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How To Be More Confident

Confidence is not something magic, a gift that some people have and some people don't. With the right mindset and actions, you can cultivate a truly powerful and confident personality. This guide tells you how in a very practical way. Why You Are Not Confident If you are feeling introverted, if you are feeling that [...]

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Personal Development Apps

Here is a selection of apps that what we consider to be the most powerful for personal development like improving social confidence, setting goals and focusing. IDareTo For increasing social confidence thru comfort zone challenges. A comfort zone challenge is to seek up a situation that triggers socialĀ fear. By doing it over and over again [...]

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