Comfort Zone Challenge Apps 2018

Comfort zone challenges are something that takes you out of your normal day to day routine. Like talking to strangers or doing something a bit crazy. Increasing your confidence. Here is our compilation of comfort challenge apps available 2017 for iOS and Android.


Youper is a social anxiety coaching app. It has a wide functionality with goal setting, practical challenges, and a built-in artificial intelligence coach that support your development.

The AI coaching part is pretty unique. It gives you support and insight for day to day situations. Understanding for how thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are connected. Much like a therapist in a CBT treatment.

When it comes to comfort zone challenges Youper has a part for that too. The challenges are adapted to match your set up goals. They are gradually increased in difficulty level to move you out of your comfort zone.

The basic functionality of Youper is free but there is also a subscription model that cost $18.99 per month that unlock more functionality.

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IDareTo is a challenge app that let you do small 2-3 minute challenges in your daily life. Based you on your location, for example in a bar, and your preferred difficulty level (1-4) it gives you a customized challenge.

The challenges can be anything to saying “Hi” to a stranger to more advances social interactions.

Increase your difficulty level as your confidence improves.

The app also has a development tracker that let your view your development.

The app is available for Android and costs $2.

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Brodare is social challenge app that let you send challenges to friends as well as receive challenges yourself. A unique functionality is a social sharing. It let you see the challenges completed by other people, like and comment.

Brodare is free to use.

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Apps in development

There have been two other apps in development this category but they seem to have been canceled. One called “Minute Race” and another called “Failure Games“. If they are released, please let us know and we will try them out.

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