By exposing yourself to new social situations, you build courage. Like going to the gym for your brain. It’s called a comfort zone challenge. Here are 10 effective challenges to get you started…

They can be a bit scary and that’s the point;) Have fun!

Challenge #1: Hello stranger!

Location: Anywhere with lots of people.
Challenge: Take a walk and say “Hello” to five people as you pass.

Challenge #2: Selfie assist

Location: Anywhere with lots of people.
Challenge: Ask a stranger to take a photo of you with your phone.

Challenge #3: Cheers!

Location: Bar or a nightclub.
Challenge: Raise your glass in a toast with a stranger.

Challenge #4: Lay down

Location: Populated street or square.
Challenge: Lay down on the ground for 30 seconds.

Challenge #5: Coffee or tea?

Location: Cafe.
Challenge: When ordering, change your mind between tea and coffee three times.

Challenge #6: The curious guy

Location: Any store.
Challenge: Ask ten questions about a product in the store.

Challenge #7: Starstruck

Location: Anywhere.
Challenge: Walk up to a person and pretend to believe they are a famous actor. “Are you the guy in the movie X?”

Challenge #8: This product is amazing!

Location: Any store.
Challenge: Pick up a product in the store and recommend it to someone.

Challenge #9: The deal

Location: Any store.
Challenge: Ask for a 10% discount at the checkout desk.

Challenge #10: Where is my date?

Location: Any populated place.
Challenge: Walk up to a person and ask if he/she is your date from Tinder.

For more challenges, check out the challenge app…

The comfort zone crusher app