We loved the challenges from Comfort Zone Crusher so much, we created an unofficial app for it. We did it simply because we would want to use the product ourselves. It’s called IDareTo.

If you are not familiar with comfort zone crusher challenges, it is a practical method of improving social confidence. What you do is to continuously put yourself in situations that trigger social fears. It can be anything from saying “Hi” to a stranger on the street, to doing 10 push-ups on the subway. Here comes the magic: By exposing yourself to these situations, again and again, your fear decreases, and after a few times, the fear will vanish completely.

IDareTo is your Comfort Zone Crusher coachIt challenges you to talk to strangers, being in the center of attention, letting loose and more! It works like this:

Try it out. We love the product. Hope it will give you lots of value to.


At last, don’t hesitate to give your honest feedback about the app. We listen and do constant updates.