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How To Handle Social Anxiety At Parties

Psychology professor Jordan Pedersen explains how making eye contact at parties stops negative self-judgment. Key points: Going to a party is scary because the situation is judging you. Putting you low down in the social hierarchy. Trying to not think about yourself does NOT WORK, it's like not thinking about a white elephant. [...]

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My Story of Comfort Zone Crushing

Being a naturally introverted person, I always felt like I was missing out on important aspects of life. That made me embark on a journey of pushing my comfort zone, with the goal of becoming more confident and assertive. This is my experience of trying Improv Theatre, A Toastmasters Speaking Club and Comfort Zone Challenges. Improv [...]

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Comfort Challenges On The Tim Ferris Show

Tim Ferris suggests comfort zone challenges to improve confidence on his famous podcast "The Tim Ferris Show". Comfort Zone Challenges If you want to get idéas for comfort zone challenges, here are a free list of challenges. The Tim Ferris Show Tim Ferris podcast called "The Tim Ferris Show" breaks down the [...]

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10 Comfort Zone Challenges to Crush Social Anxiety

By exposing yourself to new social situations, you build courage. Like going to the gym for your brain. It’s called a comfort zone challenge. Here are 10 effective challenges to get you started... They can be a bit scary and that's the point;) Have fun! Challenge #1: Hello stranger! Location: Anywhere with lots of people. Challenge: Take [...]

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