How To Be More Confident

Confidence is not something magic, a gift that some people have and some people don't. With the right mindset and actions, you can cultivate a truly powerful and confident personality. This guide tells you how [...]

By |2017-09-09|Guides, The IDareTo App|

Comfort Zone Challenge

A comfort zone challenge is to continuously put yourself in a situation that triggers social fear with the purpose of making you more socially confident. Why does it work The working principle is called systematic desensitization. When [...]

By |2017-08-25|Theory|

Social Skills

Social skills are to use your words, voice, and body-language in an effective way to communicate and connect with other people. Here are five key social skills to master for a better social vibe. Presence [...]

By |2017-08-18|Theory|

Comfort Zone Crusher

Comfort zone crusher is one of the first communities and programs around comfort zone challenges. A comfort zone challenge is to put yourself in a situation that triggers fear and discomfort. By doing it over [...]

By |2017-07-28|Community, Tips|
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