Comfort zone crusher is one of the first communities and programs around comfort zone challenges.

A comfort zone challenge is to put yourself in a situation that triggers fear and discomfort. By doing it over and over again your brain becomes desensitized to it and you can do things that were impossible to you before, like holding a speech in front out hundreds of people.

Comfort zone crusher was founded by Till H. Gross who brought forward the concept of comfort zone challenges in his TED speech. He created a community and a 7-day program around the concept.

To join comfort zone crusher there is a 7-day program, where you are given a challenge every day, like laying down on the street for 30 seconds. To start the program and get access to the facebook group, register here.

You might also be interested in this comfort zone challenge app to get a habit going of bite sized challenges in your daily life.

Thank you, Ted, for bringing forwards this great content. Sparking inspiration and excitement in so many people.