Today I want to share the launch of the podcast from “ComfortZoneCrusher”. It digests topics like social anxiety, fear, and confidence. Looks super interesting!

Comfort Zone Crusher” is a self-development company that does personal coaching and courses. The main focus is improving social confidence and deal with social anxiety. In this work, they have interviewed many psychologists, writers, bloggers. This has now become a podcast. To me, it looks like a gold mine and I hope that the CZC podcast will gain a big audience.

This is what they say in their release email:

Since Till started Comfort Zone Crusher years ago, it was always very important to us to be at the cutting edge of evidence-based psychology and to not just spread some feel-good mumbo-jumbo.

Because of that, we’re constantly talking with the leading psychologists and scientist about fear, confidence and social anxiety. So far that has mostly happened behind closed doors. But these conversations themselves were just so full of great insights that we thought about ways to give you a chance to tune in. And that’s when the idea for a podcast was born!

There are five episodes out at the moment.

The guest list in the podcast so far:

  • Dr. Robert Glover. Author of “No More Mr. Nice Guy”. A book about getting what you want in love, sex, and life.
  • Matthieu Villatte, Ph.D. Talks about how to gain a different perspective on negative emotions.
  • Mark Manson. Blogger with 2-million monthly readers and author of the book “The Subtle Art of not giving a F*ck”.
  • Steven C. Hayes, Ph.D. Talks about how to use acceptance and commitment therapy to deal with negative emotions.
  • Kelly G. Wilson, Ph.D.  On how to use acceptance, mindfulness, and self-Compassion.

Here is where to listen: